Help in the design any migration documents and employment

  • Patent, migration accounting
  • Obtaining the foundation of NRA, quota
  • RVP, residence permit, citizenship of the Russian Federation
  • Help in employment

Our goal is to create comfortable conditions For life and work

For 6 years now, the Prime Minister has been resolving issues of foreign citizens in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.We help with the execution of the necessary documents for legal life and work in the Russian Federation, as well as provide assistance in finding work.

All specialists of our company professionals in the field of migration law who have passed all the steps of paperwork for foreign citizens.Therefore, we are ready to share knowledge and experience with you.


customers since 2017





Guaranteed receipt of documents

Our experts will accompany you at all stages of interaction with state bodies until you get the finished result

We are glad to offer you Our services

Full support from the collection of documents to the result of work

Allows you to legally be and work in Russia
of 27 300 ₽
Nir, quota
State program, to obtain the basis for the supply of RVP or residence permit
of 5 600 ₽
RVP, residence permit
You get the status of a temporary or permanent living foreigner in the Russian Federation
of 15 600 ₽
Citizenship of the Russian Federation
Makes it possible to move freely, study, work and receive benefits
of 15 600 ₽

Video consultation with a migration lawyer

The specialist will study your documents, conduct a full analysis of the documents, tell what documents are still necessary for execution and how to sign up for the submission, and also answer additional questions

    Additional services for foreigners


    changes to the patent

    of 12 600 ₽


    TIN or SNILS

    of 1 400 ₽


    Migration accounting, assistance in receiving registration

    of 9 900 ₽


    Help in the design of a medical book

    of 9 900 ₽


    Preparation of a package of documents for receiving a quota

    of 3,500 ₽


    Filling out the annual RVP and residence permit

    of 1 500 ₽

    We know what you are worried about

    Document execution is a complex step that requires great attention, responsibility and the correct financial investment

    I'm afraid they will refuse to draw up documents

    What will we do for you:

    To make mistakes is normal!When working with a specialist, you do not need to run around the institutions in search of where to go through the medical board, pass the exam, make a transfer, pay a state fee, etc.

    Why is it important:

    We protect your time, nerves and money.All actions for you will be performed by a team of professionals.You will need only a personal presence when submitting an application and receipt of documents.

    I'm afraid they will refuse to issue
    RVP or residence permit

    What will we do for you:

    We know our own experience how to avoid such a situation.The information you have provided should be not only reliable, but also complete.

    Why is it important:

    The decision has always been made in favor of citizens, as we are sure of our work done.

    I'm afraid that all efforts and money will be in vain

    What will we do for you:

    We are preparing for you an agreement for the provision of services in which we have already provided for payment in parts as the documents are issued and based on the results of the work done.

    Why is it important:

    You always understand and see what you pay for.We guarantee our customers a positive result and are responsible for this under the contract.

    How will we work with you

    The process of interaction
    With our company

    What else is important?

    We are always on the side of our customers!

    Preferential conditions

    You can draw up almost any document in installments.For detailed information, contact the company's office.

    If you changed your mind

    When we return the money for an unused service.You can read more about this in the offer.

    More than 1300 A man in St. Petersburg has already used our services

    «Краще агентство підтримки іноземців»

    Доброго дня! Зверталась в дану організацію для допомоги в підготовці документів на громадянство . Моїм куратором була Валентина , велике їй дякую!) Документи були підготовлені і перевірені на протязі місяця .Після чого я успішно подала документи . Ціна адекватна . Якщо вам не хочеться витрачати купу часу , звертайтесь сюди ! Вам допоможуть професіонали своєї справи !) Дякую за допомогу!

    Алена Слободенюк


    «Вирішив все швидко законним шляхом»

    Я переїхав з України в Росію, не хотів проблем з законом і звернувся в цю компанію з питань документації. Зібрали все дуже швидко, від мене потрібні були тільки паспортні дані. Цінник не сильно високий за послуги. Всі необхідні папери зараз знаходяться у мене на руках, поступово працюю з цією ж фірмою над отриманням російського громадянства.

    Игорь Васильченко


    «Kompaniyaning o'zi hamma narsani hal qildi»

    Birodar uchun kerakli migratsiya hujjatlarini tayyorlashga yordam berish uchun murojaat qilgan mukammal migratsiya markazi. U faqat bizning shaharga ko'chib o'tishga qaror qildi. Ushbu kompaniya uchun u juda yaxshi gapirgan do'stlaridan bilib oldim. Natijada, albatta, bu erda yordam berdi. Hech bir joyga bormaslik kerak edi, kompaniyaning o'zi hamma narsani hal qildi.

    Ниязов Роберт


    «Ман ҳуҷҷатҳоро зуд ва арзон гирифтам»

    Як дӯстам аз Узбакистон қариб ду моҳ бо ман зиндагӣ кард. Ӯ дар сохтмон кор мекард ва барои анҷом додани ҳуҷҷатҳои худ пул ҷамъ мекард. Ва ман тасодуфан фаҳмидам, ки ширкате ҳаст, ки дар чунин ҳолатҳо сари вақт кӯмак мекунад. Аз ин рӯ, ман тасмим гирифтам, ки кумак кунам, то интизор нашавад. Бо пули ночиз, мутахассисон иҷозаи иқомат карданд. Аъло кор карданд, холо як рафикаш тамоми хуччатхоро дар дасташ дорад.

    Аданбаев Омар


    «Удобно и легко сотрудничать»

    Отправлял сюда своих работников для оформления документов на патент. Все оформили в один день, медицину ,экзамен, дали бумагу с датой получения. Все очень удобно и быстро, все в одном месте, сделали и забыли. А ещё огромный плюс, что если вы впервые собираетесь делать документы ,можно прийти на консультацию и получить нужную информацию.

    Абидов Ариф


    Bonus when registering a patent!

    If you are looking for work, then we have good news for you.All our clients FOR FREE They gain access to the vacancies of our partners after receiving permits.


    Work schedule: 6/1,

    Free design of a medical book.
    Corporate discounts, branded workwear.

    2000 ₽ for shift

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    Work schedule: 6/1,

    The possibility of high earnings.Guaranteed payments twice a month.Work near the house.

    2300 ₽ for shift

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    Work schedule: 6/1,

    Convenient work schedule.We will pick up the work next to your house.Official design!

    1900 ₽ for shift

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    Work schedule: 6/1,

    Convenient work schedule near the house.Possible part -time job.Free paperwork.

    2500 ₽ for shift

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    Work schedule: 6/1,

    Branded cars, parking near the house.Corporate discounts and weekly payments

    2500 ₽ for shift

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    Work schedule: 6/1,

    Flexible schedule can be combined.Work on a car, bicycle or scooter.

    2500 ₽ for shift

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    Migration escort for legal entities

    Migration support from the company of the prime minister is an ideal solution for managers, accountants, personnel officers and other employees of companies who are faced with the registration of foreign citizens. Cooperating with us, you get order in the documents of foreign citizens, a personal migration specialist in the person of a large company of experts and confidence in their employees.

    Help When checking

    Emergency departure to you in case of inspections and protection of your rights by a lawyer

    Own Courier service

    We take it and deliver the documents at a convenient time for you

    We work under contract

    You can officially conduct all expenses and not be afraid of tax audits

    Personal manager

    You get a high -class service I work with only one specialist

    Huge experience

    We have been working in the migration sector since 2017.We know how to draw up migration documents quickly and correctly.

    Always in touch

    You will easily and quickly receive all the relevant information on employees.

    We answer quickly

    You will easily and quickly receive relevant information on employees who is at what stage of design.

    We clearly explain

    We will tell in detail and teach how to do it right.You yourself can control your affairs

    Would you like to know more about the service?